Meet our team.

The team of Neuronomics combines decades of research at leading universities in neuroscience, finance and artificial intelligence with a successful entrepreneurial track record in the financial industry and in-depth professional experience in asset management and information technology. 

Members of the Board and Management Team

Portrait Lorric Ziegler

Dr. Lorric Ziegler


With a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from the University of Geneva and a PhD in computational neuroscience from EPFL, Lorric oversees the IT processes and automatizations. Formerly a machine learning researcher in a computer vision company and a senior AI-researcher at a Swiss investment firm, he has further played a key role in researching financial decision-making in collaboration with a Swiss family office and institutions like the Universities of Geneva, Zurich, and Stanford.

Portrait Michael Kometer

Dr. Michael Kometer

Partner, Board Member, Co-Founder

With a decade in algorithmic trading, Michael guides asset management and business strategy. Formerly in senior positions at a Swiss investment firm and the Geneva Finance Research Institute, he holds a PhD with highest distinction from the University of Zurich in emotional decision-making. Collaborating with universities, family offices, and fintechs, he delves into market inefficiencies from human decisions. Leveraging his diverse expertise, Michael integrates neuroscience, AI, and finance to create cutting-edge investment solutions.

Portrait Patrick Schuppli

Patrick Schuppli


Patrick Schuppli, a seasoned entrepreneur and finance expert, manages business operations and relations at Neuronomics. With a Master’s in Business and Economics from the University of Basel, specializing in alternative portfolio strategies, he established and managed a coffee trading business. Adding to his experience, Patrick also has significant experience in managing blockchain-based projects.

Portait Margaretha Roux

Margaretha Roux


Margaretha Roux oversees Legal, Risk Management, Compliance and Distribution. With three postgraduate qualifications, Margaretha Roux has deep expertise in Law and Finance. She held positions such as Managing Director at LGT Bank (Switzerland), worked with Deloitte and is the CEO of Swisscapital Investment Limited. Margaretha played an active role in shaping new legislation in the Financial Services Industry.

Portrait Gilles Ramstein

Gilles Ramstein

AI Engineer

Gilles Ramstein, a seasoned expert in machine learning and data science, utilizes his keen intellect to leverage advanced AI models for practical problem-solving, such as automating information retrieval. Armed with a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ETH and exceptional analytical precision, he plays a pivotal role in crafting inventive solutions to our intricate challenges.

Portrait Benedikt Schuppli

Benedikt Schuppli

Non-Executive Board Member

Benedikt Schuppli is a Fintech and Blockchain expert, co-founding and directing Swiss FinTech Obligate. He serves on the Lisk Foundation Board in Zug and has researched the intersection of smart contracts and law. Previously, he worked at the Swiss FinTech Lykke and the Private Bank Notenstein. Benedikt is an attorney at law with a degree from the University of Zurich, specializing in international private and financial market law.

Portrait David Andel

David Andel

System Administrator, Co-Founder

David is a multidisciplinary IT professional, holding Master's degrees in Informatics, Neurobiology, and Mathematics from the University of Zurich, as well as a degree in Medicine from the University of Basel. He researched desert ant behaviors for AI and robotics applications, led the IT research department at the Psychiatric University Clinic Zurich, and worked in IT at Credit Suisse.

Michiel Wolderling

Non-Executive Board Member

Michiel is a seasoned financial expert with almost 30 years in the industry. He has served as a fund manager, trader, and advisor, having led the European Small & Midcap team at Citigroup and managing funds at various investment boutiques. Michiel's outstanding strategic acumen and creativity, coupled with an ability to balance complex details with a holistic perspective make him an invaluable asset to Neuronomics.

Portrait Krzysztof Gogol

Krzysztof Gogol

Non-Executive Board Member

Krzysztof is a seasoned tech entrepreneur specializing in blockchain, DeFi, and FinTech. As the founder and CEO of a leading fintech wealth management firm, he gained significant startup growth expertise. Now pursuing his PhD at the University of Zurich on multi-chain DeFi protocols, his deep knowledge and strategic insight make him a valuable asset to Neuronomics.

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